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Phoenix Motorsports is namesaked after the mythological "Phoenix" bird of prey that rose from the ashes to hunt again. Our previous car, a blown alcohol top sportsman 1982 Corvette, was resurrected out of storage to race again with wins at the prestigious Sacramento Raceway's Governors Cup event, twice at the Redding Kool April Nights event and the winner of the popular Fremont Reunion in A/Gas at Sacramento Raceway.

In late 2005 our old car was sold and construction started on our new 1959 Outlaw Pro Mod Corvette. We  campaigned the new car in the West Coast Outlaw Pro Modified series, NHRA Heritage Series events and 7.0 Pro Slammer races until 2005. In late 2005 the Corvette was sold and found a new home in Perth, Australia with the engine going to Sweden for a pro-mod Firebird.  the new, Nostalgia Front Engine dragster, which once belonged to Kenny Youngblood the renound artist, was located in North Dakota, purchased and returned home to California. When at the track,  this beautiful Masterpiece is a major head turner wherever its raced with no detail left untouched.

At the 2010 Sacramento Auto Show the 59 Corvette won Best Competition Car & Best Engineered Race Car.

Phoenix Motorsports represents the collaboration of resources and talents necessary to produce the winning combination outlined in the following material. 

Phoenix Motorsports is made up of driver Aaron Wardell and operation personnel Dana Wardell, Robert Barnard, Scott Wojick
and Richard Basden.  

The professional attitude and commitment of Phoenix Motorsports can expand the base of your business through the sponsorship
of our motors ports program and our participation in the following; NHRA Heritage Series races, 7.0 Pro Association events as well as local car shows, schools, special events and grand openings.

Motorsports can be an employee incentive builder for your business. Employee's can participate as part of the support
crew at select events based on goals set by you, the employer, and attained by the employee.

Phoenix Motorsports is involved in local drug awareness programs and will be on display at local schools and police events for
drug awareness education. The combination of uniforms, support vehicles and race car exposure is sure to increase customer
awareness and employee morale when used as a "vehicle" for your advertising programs. We become an extension of your
company used to market your product.

As you can see by the degree of the professional race vehicle, support vehicles, trailer, uniforms and the winning attitude of
Phoenix Motorsports, it would be an excellent opportunity for your company to become part of the winning combination. Our race operation is dedicated to produce winning, positive, professional results for our marketing partners and help in their
future growth and development.

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